Anvisa registers on average 800 drugs per year and less than 10% of them are made available / incorporated by healthcare systems to patients. 


In addition to poor access to medicines, patients also face difficulties in accessing exams, surgeries and treatments in general.


According to a 2017 report published by CFM, the government spends, on average, only R $ 1.252 on health of each Brazilian per year - an investment ten times smaller than it is in rich countries.


Scarcity of resources is one of the main challenges faced by public health management. On one hand, it is necessary to guarantee universal and free assistance to more than 70% of Brazilians who depend on the public system, while at the same time more innovative, efficient and often more expensive medicines are being launched and requested by patients to the government.

Colabore com o Futuro is Latin America's first advocacy platform and was founded in 2017 to positively transform this scenario and the lives of millions of patients.


We bring together the demands of the civil society, government and companies, and create public policy strategies that expand access to health in a sustainable and transparent manner, bringing more dignity and quality of life to millions of people.



How do we work?


1) We understand the need of society (eg lack of medicine, delay to reach a diagnosis, low investment in health, among others)


2º) We map and engage the important actors in the process (NGOs, parliamentarians, health professionals, CONITEC, ANVISA, ANS, MS, among others)


3º) We create communication and health policies strategies to promote the necessary transformations, such as raising awareness to prevent a certain disease or including a drug in the SUS.     




In just two years of existence, we have already changed the lives of over 8 million people with our work.  




1) Engaging civil society to participate in health and financing decision making


2) Encouraging communities to change their habits to prevent diseases


3) Mobilizing the government for drug incorporation actions


4) Proposing bills with politicians.


Andrea Bento
Social Mobilization Expert
Soraya Araujo
Institutional Relations and
Political Sciences Expert
Carolina Cohen
Cause Communication Expert



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CEP: 01253-010 / 11 98126-7666 / 11 98144-5372


Rua Pombal, 463 - Sumaré

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