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Colabore is a signatory to the UN global pact and all the causes we work on are aligned with the sustainable development goals. know morehere.



Document that represents the voice of 14 million Brazilians about what they believe should be prioritized in health was delivered to ALL parties.


The government elected in 2022, through vice president Geraldo Alckmin and Eliane Cruz, national health coordinator of LULA's government program, committed to taking into account the voice of the population through VOTE FOR HEALTH in health policies.

engagement in public consultations

Through the campaigns  #EstamosDeOlhoANS and #EstamosDeOlhoCONITEC, we follow the entire process of regulation/regulation and incorporation of technologies.


We also educate and engage civil society to participate in the health decision-making process through public consultations and other social participation tools.


In 2022, there were more than 14 public consultations carried out by Colabore, and all of them had important numbers of contributions from society.


We mobilized parliamentarians, NGOs, government and society to update the PCDT for asthma, which had not been updated since 2013. After creating the "Update Asma" campaign and engaging stakeholders, the PCDT was updated in July 2021, containing important medications for patients .

preventing cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. See how GAC (Cardiovascular Advocacy Group) is working with the government to change this scenario!

sickle cell disease treatment protocol (pcdt) update

In the campaign "You don't see it, but I feel it", 

patients give testimonials about what it is like to live with the disease without adequate treatment, and invite other patients to answer the survey about their personal challenges.


Results will be shared with the government so that the PCDT meets the real demands of patients.


yes to oral chemo

We are working to speed up access for patients with health plans to oral chemotherapy. This project was created by the Instituto Vencer o Câncer and the strategies and implementation are the responsibility of Colabore. We achieved approval of the PL in the Senate in 2020 and on 07/01/2021 approval in the Chamber of Deputies. Now all that’s missing is the president’s sanction!

wake up cinderella

Drugging another person without their consent is not considered a crime in Brazil, despite the various risks this can cause to the victim's health.


Therefore, scams with "good night Cinderella" and toxic gas in app cars are increasing exponentially in the country. Find out how to protect yourself and sign the manifesto so that this becomes a crime!


Campaign that fights for more attention to women's health. With several actions carried out in the legislative and executive branches and with society in general, we have already achieved important achievements for women in Brazil, and we continue working for greater access to health and prevention of diseases such as breast cancer and gynecological cancers, cardiovascular diseases, among others. , in addition to actions to expand and raise awareness of the importance of family planning.  .



Social Mobilization Expert


Nos ajude a garantir que a esperança, coragem e qualidade de vida desses pacientes não sejam coisas raras!


In this campaign, Colabore com o Futuro in partnership with the NGO Retina Brasil invites people to open their eyes to the symptoms of vision diseases and the prejudice experienced by blind people in Brazil.

We can have more empathy and adopt simple attitudes in everyday life to make our society more inclusive. #Open your eyes


Gugu Liberato passed away on November 21, 2019, leaving much missed and good memories. Furthermore, Gugu also left an important legacy - raising awareness about organ and tissue donation.


The #GuguVive campaign, created by Colabore with the consent of the Liberato family, aims to create a great chain of good so that together we can increase the number of organ donors in Brazil.


With the aim of improving patients' access to diagnosis and treatments for Multiple Myeloma, Collabore com o Futuro created a coalition of patient associations, to strengthen the cause and voice of people with this type of cancer.

Since the creation of the coalition, in November 2021, we have carried out different coordinated actions with various partners, such as medical societies, government and parliamentarians.

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