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We shape brazilian health policies through social participation, ensuring that the policies consider the real needs of Brazilians and making them more just, effective and egalitarian.

For this, we understand the health needs of different groups and communities and, together with these people, companies and the government we fight for changes that bring more quality of life and health for all.​

In this process, the participation of civil society is fundamental! 

We create strategies to show those who make the decisions in our country (parliamentarians and government, for example) what challenges are being experienced by the population and what change is needed – it can be the creation of a law, the incorporation of a new test or medication in the public health system (SUS), it can be the need for more investment in medical training,  prevention campaigns, among many other things...

After the strategy has been outlined, It is necessary to show to the decision-makers that these needs are real and that the population really wants these changes! And that's where you, the average citizen, come in!​

The experiences of users of health services in Brazil giving opinion, for example, In a survey or public consultation opened by the government, signing a manifesto or sharing with us their story and the story of their community, that will make our rulers understand the challenges of society so we can promote positive changes in health, with fairer and more accessible public policies, thus reducing inequality.

Since our founding in 2017 we have changed the lives of more than 12 million brazilians, expanding access to health and quality of life of patients in the country.

We are a social business, which means we promote positive social impact in everything we do. Colabore com o Futuro is the first social business created to act with health advocacy in Latin America, that is, the first to act in the mobilization of society to make sure everyone voice is heard and taken in consideration in decision-making involving the use of public and private health services in the country.

Let's improve brazilian health together? 

We have un recognition

We are one of the 1,200 companies in Brazil that collaborate with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN (United Nations). 

See our page on the UN website here and learn HERE what actions we are doing to collaborate with the SDGs.



Carolina Cohen

Cause Communication Specialist 

"My dream is that no Brazilian feels abandoned when it comes to health. We work hard to make sure that everyone has access to the right treatment and feels welcomed by the system."

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Andrea Bento

Specialist in Social Mobilization

"My father couldn't resist lymphoma. But today treatments are much more effective than at that time, and those who have adequate access to health can have great experiences. I want to make sure no one has to go through the suffering I've been through."


Soraya Araujo

details soon...

Specialist in Institutional Relations and Political Science

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Experiences and needs of society

To collaborate with Brazil's health policies, we hear the voice of:

1. Citizen and user of health services.
2. Entities/NGOs - represent groups organized by disease and health needs
3. Companies – have the necessary treatments, exams and procedures to increase the quality of life and survival of patients.
4. Government - decide on the use of services.
5. Press - help to bring information and awareness.

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